How to Arrange Kitchen Utensils?

Published: 08th January 2011
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As you transform from a raw hand to an experienced cook, chances are that your kitchen would have accumulated various types of kitchen utensils. You might have added on most of the utensils for their functionality; however some of these cooking tools could be just novelties that you would have bought for their looks and fanciful theme or color. Kitchen utensils could make your kitchen look cluttered and messy; however by organizing these kitchen utensils tastefully you would be saving a lot of space that too without discarding any of your favorite cookware sets.

Having a well arranged kitchen would also make your cooking chores simple and faster. You can organize your kitchen utensils in specific drawers. It would make accessing the utensils easy. You can use one drawer for all your flatware while another drawer could be earmarked for spoon and fork and yet another drawer for the larger cooking utensils and so on. Make sure that you do not keep kitchen knives with these cooking tools as it could result in cuts and bruises as you rush through your cooking chores. There are magnetic knife holders that can be mounted on walls which can be used for keeping sharp objects like bottle openers, knives etc. These objects should be kept in such a way that children are not able to gain access to it.

Baskets are handy options to store cooking tools that do not fit in drawers. Large spoons, spatulas, long utensils etc can be put in the basket on the countertop or near the cooking area for easy access. These can also be hung inside the cabinets using hooks. There are attractive flatware holders and knife caddies that would not only help you in organizing the utensils but also would add up to the décor of your kitchen. These are available in various materials including ceramics and steel among others and choosing the theme that suits your kitchen is never a problem.

Cooking utensils that are frequently used should be placed in such a way that these could be easily accessed and the ones that are used only for special occasions can be placed in the hinder part of the drawers. Keeping the kitchen tidy and well organized is the first step in making your cooking chores simple.

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